They inspire and guide us


Always on the verge of land and farmers: from the parent company we learned to give value to the work of farmers and their ability to cultivate quality raw materials, produced with responsibility and attention to people, environment and biodiversity.

Every day we work to be the file rouge that holds together the agricultural world and the producers (our customers) that are closer to the final consumers. Our products are healthy, safe and certified ingredients, made with selected and carefully processed raw materials.

Our Mission

“Create a network that responds to the demands of well-being and health, through the transformation of raw materials of our agricultural partners and offer of a range of excellent products and solutions for our customers. Our commitment to continuous improvement creates a stimulating work environment for our collaborators, generating value for the company and growth opportunities for its stakeholders ”.

Our Vision

“We want to be a reference player in the European market for the production and sale of vegetable emulsifiers, oils, functional blends and ingredients, offering a complete range of performing, sustainable and innovative products”.


We face the challenges of the market, aware that supporting the nourishment of a population in constant growth without damaging the environment while preserving its resources for future generations is a great challenge, but also an important opportunity.

Attentive and informed consumers ask for advanced solutions that are aligned with their expectations. Our experience is enhanced when we contribute to improve nutrition, because improving nutrition means improving life through responsible choices. Innovation and technology make the production, transformation and distribution of food resources more efficient, reducing waste and environmental impacts.


The recent transformation of Cereal Docks into a Benefit corporation has opened new horizons for projects and actions capable of generating a ‘common benefit’.

An evolution that stimulates us to continuous improvement, looking not only at economic results but also at objectives with a positive common impact indicated in the Statute of the Benefit Company, to which Nateeo is also called upon to help.

Due to its vocation as a food company, Nateeo has embraced the food commitments related to the fight against waste and sustainability. Banco Alimentare promotes policies to combat food and social exclusion, collaborating with national European institutions.

We are an open and inclusive organization; our behaviors and our decisions are guided by respect and correctness. We cultivate solid relationships based on trust.

Transparency and simplicity are fundamental keywords. Quality passes through respect for the value of people and ecosystems. We are committed to quality assurance and sustainability of the products that we offer, adopting standards such as Pro-Terra certification or DTP112.

We have been certified as Golden Supplier by EcoVadis, an evaluation platform for the sustainability of suppliers in global logistics chains that measures and improves the environmental and social practices of supplier companies, by monitoring social responsibility indicators in 198 purchase categories and 155 countries.