It’s time for a change for Cereal Docks Food, the business unit of Cereal Docks Group protagonist in the sectors of standardized vegetable lecithins, oils, functional blends and high value ingredients, which today officially presents its new brand.

As of today, March 1st, 2022, Cereal Docks Food will be called Nateeo*, an evocative name rooted in the generative force of nature that recalls the authenticity of the high-quality ingredients produced by the company, all derived from plant-based matrices.

Founded in 2013, Cereal Docks Food has grown steadily in terms of products, applications and innovation. Present in the Italian market, it exports to more than twenty countries and is a partner of well-known brands in the food industry, from chocolate to baked goods, from sauces to canned in oil and baby food. After nine years, the time has come to evolve.

The company is solid, well-structured and wants to conquer new international markets. The name change aims to make its value proposition in the natural ingredients sector even more distinctive.

The transformation into Nateeo is part of Cereal Docks Group’s overall rebranding project, which involved revisiting the elements that make up its identity, the definition of its new strategic plan to 2024, and its transformation into a Benefit Corporation in the spring of 2021.

As for the ingredients of Nateeo, nature is the inspiring principle, which merges with the word “Eos“, the Greek deity of dawn. In the dawn is inherent all the power of a new day, of the future, of progress to continue to improve the company’s ability to respond to the needs of the market and consumers. The image of dawn recalls the continuous change that nature experiences, its extraordinary capacity for adaptation that expresses resilience and anti-fragility.

In Nateeo’s logo the seed present in the parent company’s logo returns. A sign of the strong cohesion, collaboration and integration that Nateeo has built with its parent company. Nateeo produces ingredients and the seed is multiplied by 5: the seeds in motion take the shape of a drop, recalling not only the range of products, but also a flower or a jewel, a precious and valuable object to be kept with care. Five are also the guiding values of the company: is its magic number.

The colors of the logo reflect those of the ingredients produced by Nateeo: from the color of the earth, which symbolizes the origin of the ingredients from the work of farmers, to yellow, which evokes the energy of the sun with which nature lives and thrives, to green, which recalls the lushness of the crops and represents Nateeo’s commitment to sustainability.

The pay-off remains unchanged, modified in 2020 in Ingredients are values. Ingredients are values and the values Nateeo identifies with are the ingredients of its success: People, the most important resources, Quality, which guarantees healthy and valuable products, Innovation, which drives the continuous search for better performing products and processes, Customer Satisfaction, of which Nateeo wants to be a partner, Passion, which is the feeling that drives the whole company to do its job with love.

“This change – comments Silvia Santarelli CEO of Nateeo – expresses a desire for evolution. The demand for differentiated products is growing, people’s awareness of the role of nutrition based on natural, healthy and ethical foods is increasing. Our task – concludes Santarelli – is to create opportunities for development in the food sector, in order to satisfy the nutritional and relational needs strongly rooted in food.

We are delighted with this development, which encourages us to do our job better and better, while also looking at the objectives set out in the Benefit Society Statute, to which all Group companies must contribute.

One of the objectives we have taken to heart concerns people’s food needs and the fight against food waste, with the donation of 100 thousand meals to the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation, which deals with the collection and recovery of surplus foodstuffs and their redistribution to charitable organisations throughout Italy that provide assistance to the most deprived people.

An initiative in which we believe a lot and that realizes the vocation of Nateeo to produce ingredients for a healthy and ‘good’ food, not only from a nutritional point of view.”


*Legal and operational headquarters, VAT number, tax code and telephone numbers will remain unchanged. Email addresses change instead domain: namesurname@nateeo.it