Like a seed that grows and bears fruit, in these 11 years we at Nateeo have cultivated our work with passion, to grow and improve as people and as a team, together with our customers and partners.

For the seed to germinate, you need to nourish and take care of it, always trying to give your best, overcoming difficult moments, and embrace new challenges with courage and determination. At the 11-year mark, we look at the results achieved with pride, but above all we are full of enthusiasm for the future, aware that we can count on valuable people and the value of our ingredients.

Thanks to Cereal Docks Group and Silvia Santarelli, thanks to our team, the beating heart of Nateeo which combines the profound experience of seniors with the enthusiasm and creativity of young talents.

To our customers, not only buyers but journey companions, who with their trust and support have stimulated us to reach new goals of quality and innovation.

To our agricultural suppliers, from whom the raw materials for our ingredients derive, who we treat with respect and gratitude, because we know that their care is reflected in the quality of what we offer.

And finally thanks to our planet, the most precious heritage that we have the duty to protect!

With deep gratitude, we look to the future with optimism and determination. Forward together, towards an ever brighter tomorrow full of possibilities!