Genuine, safe and traceable raw material all along the supply chain. Nateeo ingredients for preparations and recipes in the food sector embrace the concepts of quality and sustainability, aiming for a high-end positioning.

Oils and lecithins derived from oilseeds are the core business, while quality, sustainability and rigour in product selection are the drivers of growth and competitiveness in reference markets.

Nateeo’s mission is to supply manufacturers in the food industry with ingredients of strictly selected vegetable origin, to be used as emulsifiers, oils, functional blends and vegetable ingredients for every food preparation: biscuits, ice cream, spreads, packaged snacks and chocolate.

Quality ingredients inspired by Mother Nature, where innovation provides the element that makes the product functional, safe and respectful of certified quality standards.


Since 2013, Nateeo has been producing standardised vegetable lecithins, oils, flours, functional blends, ingredients for food applications, functional foods, animal nutrition, for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and industrial applications.Three are the main product lines: fluid, de-oiled, granulated soya rape and sunflower, conventional and organic lecithins. Refined vegetable conventional and organic oils, which also include functional blends. Finally, whole soya flours, degrassed, enzymatically active and texturised.


Thanks to a short supply chain approach ‘from seed to product’, in which all processes take place in a single plant, Nateeo guarantees a direct link with the producer, from customisation of the proposed product, through to delivery and after-sales. A value proposition that makes Nateeo a player of reference in the European and non-European markets, offering not only a complete range of high-performance, sustainable and innovative products, but also taylor-made ingredients. Nateeo guarantees agility, flexibility, the ability to react quickly to market demands as well as short delivery times and safety stocks always available for maximum reliability in terms of continuity of supply.


Nateeo, part of the Cereal Docks Group, was born in March 2022, when Cereal Docks Food changed its name, choosing to present itself on the market to its stakeholders under a new name. It is rooted in the generative force of nature and recalls the authenticity of the high-quality ingredients proposed, all derived from vegetable matrices.


Nateeo’s ingredients, inspired by nature, merge with the concept of innovation, the result of investment in research and development, to continue improving the company’s ability to respond to market and consumer needs, positioning itself as an ideal partner of the food industry in Italian and international markets. The naming change made Nateeo’s value proposition even more distinctive in natural ingredients sector and is part of the overall rebranding of the Cereal Docks Group that led to the creation of a new corporate identity, to become officially a Benefit Company and to define a new strategic and sustainability plan to 2024.


Sustainability, in fact, conceived in its broadest sense according to ESG parameters and not only as attention to environmental protection, is, together with quality, the other pillar of Nateeo’s development strategy and DNA. Nateeo has recently confirmed for 2022 the PLATINUM award assigned by Ecovadis, the platform for monitoring corporate sustainability performance in 21 parameters included in 4 macro-areas: environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement. Nateeo’s performance was rated 90/100 on all 4 macro-areas examined, considered by Ecovadis as a structured and proactive approach to sustainability, consisting by tangible commitments and actions and with detailed information on implementation and with comprehensive reporting on the sustainability of actions and Key Performance Indicators. Nateeo’s commitment to the sustainability of its ingredients has also led to obtaining Pro-Terra certification for soya lecithin LECIPLUS F NGM NON- GMO. This international standard certifies agricultural production according to the three pillars of sustainability: economic, environmental and social. It is one of the first soya lecithins in Europe to obtain this certification, which is increasingly in demand by the customer industry, offering consumers the guarantee of strictly Non-GMO products, traceable and responsibly produced.


The market is continuously expanding: nine years after its birth Nateeo has now served more than 230 customers in more than 24 countries, increasing its production capacity up to 12.000 tonnes/year of non-GMO soya lecithin and 2.200 tonnes/year of sunflower lecithin, carrying out more than 3.000 quality analyses each year and boasting 11 process and product certifications and around 20 third-party audits. Quality assurance and safety always come first for Nateeo, and the challenge for an increasingly sustainable and therefore competitive future does not frighten. In this commitment, the entire team draws inspiration from the five values that guide Nateeo: people, passion, quality, innovation, customer satisfaction. Ingredients are values, says the brand pay-off. The secret? Continuous improvement, to reach ever new heights of excellence.