Nateeo turns ten and is inspired by the Renaissance for a future of innovation

Double anniversary for Nateeo, which on 1st February reaches the milestone of the first 10 years since the company’s inception and the first year since the launch of the new brand identity, which transformed Cereal Docks Food into Nateeo.

The Nateeo team celebrated the anniversary by combining a festive moment with a visit to the exhibition “Acqua, terra, fuoco: architettura industriale nel Veneto del Rinascimento” (‘Water, earth, fire: industrial architecture in the Renaissance in Veneto’) currently in exhibition at the Museum dedicated to Andrea Palladio, the architect and creator of Renaissance in Vicenza.

This is an opportunity to learn more about the effects of that ‘economic miracle’ that during the 16th century brought the Veneto region to the top of European technological innovation and productivity, leading to an extraordinary industrial development that transformed the countryside and hillsides into the sites of highly efficient manufactures that were unrivalled at the time. Alongside the typical mills and silk mills, which gave the first economic impulse to the territory, wool mills, sawmills, paper mills, tanneries, forges, lime kilns, mines and stone crushing plants spread, whose products soon began to be in demand and exported to the richest areas of Europe.

A history that is a source of inspiration for Nateeo, which in the last 10 years has been able to establish itself in the European and non-European target markets by adopting a strategy based on the unwavering principles of quality, safety, authenticity and sustainability, offering the food industry ingredients with high added value.

Nateeo is entrusted with the task of developing the strategy that aims to enhance agricultural supply chains by bringing added value downstream, towards the final consumer, thanks to key ingredients for the food industry – and beyond – such as vegetable lecithins and oils.  These are ingredients without which it is not possible to produce many of the products most in demand by consumers: chocolate, sweet and savoury bakery products, release agents and so on. Pursuing this strategy, in ten years Nateeo has come to be present in 24 countries, either as a direct supplier to the most important market players, or in partnership with qualified distributors able to reach the industrial, artisan and sectors in a capillary manner.

“The key elements on which we have based our business model during these first ten years are three:’ explains CEO Silvia Santarelli, ‘a deep knowledge of the market, of products in their various applications, and production processes. Our business model is customer-centric, with a very strong push for organisational, product and process innovation. These have been ten very intense years, lived with passion and enthusiasm. Our ‘being a team’ has given us the strength to react and overcome even the most difficult moments together. For this I address a thought of gratitude and a big thank you to all my co-workers. I also thank the Fanin family and the entire Cereal Docks Group for supporting our growth. My sincere wish for everyone, now that we are entering our second decade of life, is to continue to be dynamic and ambitious, not to be content but to always feed on new projects and goals”.