The new website of SUNFLOIL, the healthy, traceable and sustainable high oleic sunflower oil from Cereal Docks Food, is online. An online ‘showcase’, which presents the new references in the range of sunflower oils, which enriches the range of products and solutions of excellence for the food sector.

The new SUNFLOIL website, even richer in information, arrives simultaneously with the expansion of the product range which now includes 6 specific product varieties.

We start with the classic HIGH OLEIC SUNFLOIL: a sunflower oil rich in virtues, primarily stability at high temperatures, resistance to oxidation and the low content of polyunsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids. ORGANIC HIGH OLEIC VIRGIN SUNFLOIL is instead obtained exclusively from cold pressing of high oleic sunflower seeds and subsequent winterization.

A high-quality organic high oleic virgin sunflower oil with an intense yellow color. ORGANIC HIGH OLEIC REFINED SUNFLOIL is instead characterized by the subsequent refining of sunflower oil, previously obtained from a cold pressing of sunflower seeds.

The new product range also includes LINOLEIC SUNFLOIL, a food-grade sunflower oil obtained from sunflower seeds and subjected to a refining process. It is characterized by a low content of saturated fatty acids which makes it preferable to oils of animal origin and other oils of vegetable origin. Even in the case of high linoleic oil, it is possible to choose ORGANIC VIRGIN LINOLEIC SUNFLOIL: an organic sunflower oil obtained exclusively from cold pressing of linoleic sunflower seeds and subsequent winterization, and the refined ORGANIC LINOLEIC SUNFLOIL oil, obtained by pressing cold sunflower seeds.

All SUNFLOIL sunflower oil for food use is characterized by a low content of saturated fatty acids which makes it preferable to oils of animal origin and other oils of vegetable origin and for the low content of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which makes SUNFLOIL particularly suitable for frying and cooking at high temperatures.

An oil with unique organoleptic characteristics, thanks to the careful production process that enhances and preserves the qualities of the seeds from which SUNFLOIL is born: the richness of monounsaturated fatty acids and Vitamin E. The merit of the production process entirely carried out in Italy: the drying, storage, extraction, refining of the oil take place in a single production plant. The refining capacity, which today reaches 800tons / day, has recently been enhanced with a new plant equipped with the most modern technologies.

But it is also the quality of the raw material that makes the difference: the Italian high oleic sunflower supply chain is part of SISTEMA GREEN®, a sustainability model developed by Cereal Docks that monitors CO2 emissions, the respect for all social aspects and the dissemination of good agricultural practices. SISTEMA GREEN® strengthens the relationship with farmers for an increasingly responsible agriculture, thanks to better management of soil fertility, crop rotation, targeted fertilization, integrated defense. The goal is to guarantee the yields and quality of the seeds, but above all to respect the ecosystem more and more.

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