Passion, customers, quality, innovation and people: we have always carefully cultivated the seed of each value.

Passion is our beating heart. The love for the land from which we get our raw materials, the quality ingredients that meet our customers’ demands, the nature that surrounds us, allow us to work in synergy, day after day, embracing continuous improvement.

To explore the meaning of this value, we interviewed our Production Manager Andrea Santello, who has contributed with great passion to the company’s growth since its foundation. Here is what he told us.

Andrea, ‘passion’ is one of Nateeo’s core values. It keeps us moving without giving up in the face of problems and is the engine behind all success, growth and personal and professional improvement. You are someone who played a decisive role in the foundation of the company, you were one of the first to believe in it: tell us what ‘passion’ means to you?

“I associate the word ‘passion’ with relationships, because it was the relationships I had that allowed me to grow a passion for my work, which then transferred to the things of life, even the simplest, everyday things. Having passions, healthy ones of course, makes life full, design and moves us to give our best.

Protagoras and Socrates on the subject of virtue teach us that passions cannot be taught, they do not constitute theoretical or technical teaching, but are acquired by being close to those who possess them. This is how it was for me, being attracted to people who had this quality, passion precisely.I remember my father when I was a child asking me to do something and telling me to put feeling into it, because doing things with passion produces excellent results that fuel joy”.

What are your suggestions for igniting this energy every day?

“This energy comes from working with a spirit of gratitude and humility. Gratitude allows us, on the one hand, to do our duty to the best of our ability, but above all it makes us feel grateful to those who give us the opportunity to fulfil ourselves at work by bringing out our talents.Humility, on the other hand, makes us aware that the results of our work also depend on others, meaning colleagues, suppliers or customers without whom our passion would bring marginal results.So every morning, turning on these two attitudes, gratitude and humility, makes us happy and ready for a new day full of opportunities”.

Relationships, gratitude and humility, according to Andrea, are the key ingredients to nurture the seed of passion. The latter is not just an abstract value, but a concrete force that springs from valuable relationships, nurturing a corporate culture of collaboration and dedication.

Keep following us to find out what Nateeo’s other values are and how they guide and influence our corporate life.