Quality of ingredients, reliability, sales support, product knowledge and competitive prices. These are the five main distinctive factors stated by customers that determine their choice of Nateeo. A partner recognised as a ‘specialist’, able to provide high value-added, healthy, safe and certified ingredients, made from carefully selected and processed raw materials and accompanied by services that make the customer journey positive and satisfying.

The data emerges from the customer satisfaction survey that Nateeo carries out annually, involving a representative sample of its customers, with the aim of finding out their level of satisfaction and gathering useful suggestions to further improve the service and purchasing experience.

The results of the survey, which involved both quality department and purchasing department representatives, indicate an overall good level of general customer satisfaction, particularly regarding product quality, the main driver of their purchasing decisions. The customers’ recognition of the high quality of Nateeo’s ingredients is also confirmed by their marked appreciation for the certifications offered by the company: almost all customers consider them to be a very relevant element in the evaluation of Nateeo’s supply compared to its competitors.

On the logistics side, with respect to delivery times, there is overall satisfaction, with the service rated as mostly ‘good’, while, as far as product packaging is concerned, more than 92 per cent of the respondents felt that it was convenient and practical to use.

Survey participants also gave positive feedback for technical product documentation: ‘excellent’ for 31.4%, ‘good’ for 66.7% and ‘sufficient’ for 1.9%. Furthermore, most customers stated that they never had or had very little need to make complaints, and in any case their handling of complaints was judged satisfactory.

The customer satisfaction survey was also an opportunity to identify some improvement objectives for the company, particularly on the aspects perceived as most relevant by customers.  One of the areas on which the company intends to improve is the reduction of response times to customers, with a view to making the business relationship easier and faster.

The sustainability aspect is also considered important: to confirm its commitment, Nateeo has embarked on a path that will lead the company to achieve ISO 14001 certification by 2025, which sets out the requirements of the environmental management system, with the aim of further strengthening its commitment to sustainability governance.

Customer satisfaction is a priority objective for Nateeo, which can only be achieved by constantly listening to their needs and priorities, to reinforce strengths, identify needs for improvement and open new opportunities for development. A constant dialogue with which the customer-oriented approach, so important as to be identified as one of the founding values of the corporate identity, is concretely realized.

Finally, a warm thanks goes out to all our customers and especially to those who have contributed valuable feedback to us by filling in this questionnaire! Together, you strengthen our motivation to do better and better, day after day.