Nateeo renews its commitment to measure, monitor and communicate its corporate sustainability performance following the recently received SI Rating evaluation.

SI Rating is an algorithm based on international guidelines and standards developed by Arb Sbpa in collaboration with SASB (Sustainability Accounting Standards Board) to provide companies with a simple and accessible tool for assessing the alignment of company activities with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals and environmental and social sustainability issues.

The SI Rating algorithm identifies five macro-themes of analysis: environment, social capital, human capital, business model & innovation, leadership & governance, analysing them according to 26 ESG variables (6 environmental variables, 10 social variables and 10 governance variables).

A detailed result emerges from the analysis, reflecting the company’s performance in the ESG and SDG areas by providing an overall result as well as the score in the various macro-areas, while evaluation indices are provided for the issues of transparency, corporate resilience, gender gap and continuous improvement.

Nateeo achieved an overall result of 75%, which places the company at the Bronze level of the SI Rating. At the macro area level, Nateeo achieves the best result in the Social Rating, followed by the Governance Rating and the Environmental Rating. Particularly positive were the ratings in product/service safety and quality, testifying to the care ensured by Nateeo along the entire supply chain: thanks to a rigorous system of controls and third-party certifications that operate from the arrival of raw materials at the company, throughout the production process and up to the delivery of the final product.

The analysis also revealed improvement objectives on which the company will continue to work to optimise its performance and reduce its impact, starting with the environmental management system on which the company will focus its next actions in terms of sustainability, transparency, and accountability.  Aware of the importance of promoting circular economy models, Nateeo is, for example, studying innovative ways of using by-products from the agri-food chain in upcycling projects with several external partners.

The food industry can give a fundamental contribution to meet the challenge of sustainability. Also, to transfer this responsibility to the entire supply chain, Nateeo requires its Italian and foreign suppliers to subscribe to its Supplier Code of Conduct, which requires compliance with criteria of responsibility, sustainability, quality and safety.

“The SI Rating represents a new step for Nateeo towards its fundamental goal: to be an increasingly high-performing, sustainable and innovative company that acts in respect of the ecosystem, while guaranteeing a working environment that takes care of people’s well-being,” says Silvia Santarelli, CEO of the company. Measuring oneself objectively and transparently also requires courage in bringing out weaknesses and determination in deciding on actions for improvement. For this reason, we consider the result achieved with the first SI Rating as the starting point to set ourselves new targets in all three ESG areas, having defined clear, measurable targets that are aligned with standards or reference bodies. From this renewed awareness can arise true renewal.”