Assessing a company’s sustainability impact based on real data and performance is essential not only to enhance organizations’ environmental and social practices but also to fully understand its strengths and opportunities for improvement.

For years, Nateeo has relied on EcoVadis, a global collaborative platform that monitors and compares the sustainability performance of supplier companies operating in more than 150 industries and in more than 110 countries, to conduct this assessment.

In the 2023 assessment, Nateeo achieved a score of 87/100, thus achieving PLATINUM recognition, awarded to companies that exceed a score of 75/100. This result confirms Nateeo’s commitment to ESG issues and places it in the top 1% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis in terms of social and environmental performance.

The analysis conducted on Nateeo evaluates 21 themes included in 3 macro areas: environment, labor and human rights, and ethics. Each area is scored according to international sustainability standards such as the Global Compact Principles, International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions, Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) standard, ISO 26000 standard, and CERES principles.

Looking at the performance in the three macro areas, Nateeo stands out in particular for the score of 100/100 achieved in the Ethics area, while it scored 90/100 in the Environment area and 80/100 in the Labor and Human Rights area. The company’s approach to social and environmental issues was recognized by EcoVadis as a structured and proactive model, characterized by tangible commitments and actions and detailed reporting on the sustainability of actions and key performance indicators.

During the assessment, no third-party risk or noncompliance reports were found in the EcoVadis database; in addition, Nateeo demonstrated that it has an effective advanced management system for both environmental and labor and ethical issues.

Constant monitoring of its sustainability performance is one of the strengths that enables Nateeo to present itself in the market as a reliable partner at the forefront of reducing the environmental, economic, and social impact resulting from its production activities.

“In the current environment, we are committed to a holistic approach to sustainability, not only to meet the growing expectations of consumers and our customers, but because we believe it is essential to driving change and constantly improving our operations,” says Silvia Santarelli, CEO of Nateeo. “In a world increasingly aware of its impacts on the environment, innovation and technology become our most valuable and strategic allies. They allow us not only to optimize our production, transformation and resource distribution processes, but also to reduce waste and minimize our environmental impact. Ecovadis’ assessment confirms Nateeo’s commitment to improving itself and its environment through responsible choices and represents a new starting point for building a sustainable food system capable of generating value not only within the company, but also in our community and across the planet.”