Nateeo joins We Save & Care, the community promoted by the Banco Alimentare that gathers companies, people, institutions that share the commitment to ‘save, conserve, save, recover and care for food and more’. We Save & Care is an appeal to everyone’s responsibility which concerns food and nutrition but also human relations and sociality and which must be expressed and realised in everyone’s choices and daily life.

There are already many companies that, like Nateeo, have decided to join this awareness campaign, underlining their commitment, summarised in 7 points:

  1. GIVE VALUE TO FOOD: Food is a gift that gives dignity to the person. Take responsible and conscious actions.
  2. LOOK INTO YOURSELF: Recognising the need is the first step to changing things.
  3. BE PROPOSITIVE: Your actions, even the smallest, can help change the world.
  4. DONATE FOOD: Share it with those who need it most or support those who can.
  5. AVOID WASTE: Don’t throw away food that is still good, it is a resource and some people don’t have any.
  6. NETWORK: It is through collaboration that the greatest enterprises are born.
  7. BECOME AN AMBASSADOR: Involve those around you, together we will make a difference!

A real change in culture and behaviour, always called for and necessary, can only come about through personal actions and active participation in solidarity initiatives aimed in particular at those who are most fragile and in difficulty. The We Save & Care community is intended to be another small tool to strengthen the sense of belonging, the sharing of common values, commitment and responsibility.

‘A great alliance has been created between Nateeo and Banco Alimentare,’ says the company’s CEO Silvia Santarelli, ‘so we joined We Save & Care with great enthusiasm and conviction. As a company, and personally as a volunteer of the Banco Alimentare, I believe in the importance of engaging those around us on essential issues such as combating food waste. Figures recently released by the Waste Watcher/Spreco Zero international observatory quantify the weekly food waste of Italians at 674.2 grams per capita. The total annual cost of food waste is EUR 9.2 billion. The same survey, carried out a year earlier, had found an average figure of 595.3 grams: the trend is further worsening. Initiatives like this one by the Banco Alimentare are very useful because they aim to increase information, trigger reflection and, above all, solicit concrete gestures’.

“For a real change in our society,” emphasises Giovanni Bruno, President of the Banco Alimentare Onlus Foundation, “the involvement of everyone is necessary: this is the goal of the We Save & Care community and for this we are grateful to those who, like Nateeo, decide to share this responsibility.”